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You follow No Nut November?

What is no nut november?

No Nut November is a worldwide social media campaign that promotes a month without masturbaiting. It was started on 9gag in 2017 by a man who wanted to change something in his life. He wanted to share his experience and knowledge with others in the hope that it would help them achieve their goals, as well. He started the campaign after seeing how unhealthy his lifestyle was. And how bad porn affect him. Therefore, he wanted to start a campaign that would align with his goal to be healthy and happy during the year. This is why he named his movement "No Nut November".

Every year, No Nut November unites people worldwide to achive a common goal.

Which is simply avoid porn and mastrubation during whole November month.

No nut november is bad trend

Some people believe that No Nut November is bad because it's too strict and inconvenient. They feel that a monthlong challenge is too long to follow and can be overwhelming. They don't think it helps people reach their goals and makes them feel more miserable than before. Instead, they believe that masturbate is far more better for health, than refusal from masturbation. Even other people can speccially post erotic content, to trigger a break from month strike.

Some people feel that a monthlong challenge is too long to follow.

Despite some concerns, No Nut November is beneficial because it promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps people reach their goals. This is because it offers a monthlong challenge to align with a person's goal-driven behavior. With this in mind, followers can attain positive results while still maintaining good health by following No Nut November throughout the year.

So we wanted to know. You follow No Nut November? Take part in this poll and discuss it here.

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