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Do you know how cartoons affect children?

How does cartoons affect children?

 Cartoon is an integral part of every child’s life.  Since the appearance of cartoons more than a century ago, several generations of children have grown up.  After watching classic animated fairy tales such as Peter Pan, Aladdin and the Magic Lantern, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, many girls dream of becoming princesses and boys dream of being brave knights.  However, cartoons can have both positive and negative influences.  And I wondered if you know how cartoons affect children?

 The positive impact of watching cartoons on children.  How does cartoons affect children?

 The importance of cartoons for children can be judged in different ways.  Here are some of the positive effects that cartoons can bring:

  • 1.       The child will begin to develop earlier.
  • 2.       Cognitive development also begins to develop earlier.
  • 3.       Pronunciation will develop.
  • 4.       Creativity will increase.
  • 5.       Cartoons will make your child laugh.
  • 6.       Help children learn new things.

 Watching cartoons is a great way to introduce children to local customs.  As well as traditions, history and myths.  For example, watching an animated version of the Ramayana or Mahabharata can teach children about Indian mythology.  Viewing multfilmov about fables Aesopa ili Krylova can teach children dobrote i compassion ..

 The negative impact of watching cartoons on children.  How does cartoons affect children?

 Cartoons have many positive effects.  But they can also negatively affect the behavior and development of children.  The following are the various negative effects that cartoons can cause:

  • 1.       Encouraging violence.
  • 2.       Promoting rebellious behavior and lack of empathy.
  • 3.       Encouraging the use of profanity.
  • 4.       Encouraging antisocial behavior.
  • 5.       Prolonged sitting can cause health problems.
  • 6.       There are bad role models.

 Children often idolize their favorite cartoon characters.  And then imitate them.  Often the object of their admiration can be a misleading role model.  Who encourages bad habits or demonstrates insensitivity to others.  The influence of cartoons on children’s psychology sometimes leads to devastating consequences and makes children withdrawn.

 Tips for parents on how to deal with the side effects of cartoons on a child.  How does cartoons affect children?

 Now that we have discussed the various advantages and disadvantages of cartoons.  And their influence on the behavior of children.  Here are some tips.  They can help you deal with the negative effects of cartoons:

  • 1.       Watch with the children.
  • 2.       Limit your viewing time.
  • 3.       Choose suitable or educational cartoons.
  • 4.       Explain the difference between cartoon and reality.
  • 5.       Use filtering and monitoring applications.
  • 6.       Explore information channels.
  • 7.       Do not sit in front of the TV yourself and do not let children.
  • 8.       Do not allow your child to eat while watching.

 When you eat, watching TV or a tablet lays the foundation for the entire chain of unhealthy eating habits.  Children usually overeat when they are in front of a screen.  They also tend to choose unhealthy foods.  Because it tastes better.  Eat with the whole family at the dinner table.  Do not watch TV while eating.  This will help the child focus on food.  And will encourage him to eat nutritious food.  And also stop when the child is full.

 Cartoons have a positive and negative impact on children.  Depending on which cartoon they are watching.  By limiting their viewing time and encouraging them to go outside and play.  You can make children healthier and happier.  Following these tips will definitely help you avoid negative influence of cartoons on the development and behavior of your child.

 As?  Did you know how cartoons affect children?


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