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How much alcohol do you drink a month?

How much alcohol do you drink a month?

People are convinced that the acceptable limit can be easily recognized by how they feel. As long as you are sober and in control, everything will be fine. In reality, this is a big misunderstanding. Because everyone reacts differently to alcohol. A lot of people still don’t realize that even a small amount of alcohol causes health problems. Either social problems and leads to abuse or addiction. But we have been drinking for months, years. And I was interested in the question «How much alcohol do you take a month?».

«Norms» of alcohol in different countries. How much alcohol do you drink a month?

When calculating the effects of alcohol on the human body, doctors use “conventional units”. A unit of alcohol consumes 10 milliliters of pure alcohol (ethanol).

In the UK, 56 units are allowed per month. In the United States, these rates are about 760 ml per month for men and about half for women, 816/544 ml per month, respectively.

According to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (2017), men with a low health risk can drink 4 bottles of fortified wine (alcohol content 18%) per month or a glass of vodka per day. For women, this is 100 ml of dry wine per day. Either a 150 ml glass of champagne, or a shot of vodka a day.

How will quitting alcohol for a month affect your health?

Thousands of Britons have organized a sober October for themselves. As part of the Macmillan Cancer Support campaign against cancer.

In addition to raising funds for beneficial purposes, people also received health benefits. This: the snoring has subsided, and the sleep has become much better. Plus, there was a lot of energy.

In the past, it was believed that alcohol in small quantities was not just harmless. And also medicinal. However, recent research refutes this theory.

A study published in The Lancet found that there is no safe dose of alcohol. The more alcohol a person drinks, the higher the risk.

«Another man»! How much alcohol do you drink a month?

The BBC’s Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, led by Professor Rajiv Jalan, contacted researchers at University College London and Royal Hospital to study the results of alcohol-free months. Sober October complicates the experiment. Why? People stopped drinking this month. We started to eat right. And even go in for sports. They improve their health, so to speak, after the New Year holidays. This is why it is difficult to understand the consequences of outright abstinence from alcohol.

How did the experiment take place?

We chose July. Divided 26 volunteers into two groups. Some continued to drink as usual, and some stopped drinking altogether. At the beginning and at the end of the month, everyone underwent a comprehensive medical examination. Including liver and blood pressure checks.

What is the effect?

Those who abstained from alcohol for a month improved their health over time. Weight has improved, there is less fat in the liver, and sleep quality and concentration have improved.

This effect was especially evident in subjects who typically drank more than six glasses of wine a week. Which was the maximum dose recommended by British doctors.

Subject’s impressions

Katie, one of those who stopped drinking for a month, said: “Four weeks later, I feel like a different person. Now I hardly drink, I am surprised, as if they introduced me to a new life. I’m losing weight, and I just like how I feel. Now I hate alcohol!" - she said.

Still, everyone likes to have a drink in the company.  Or just relax at home with a can of beer on the couch. But everyone is obliged to remember, and most importantly, to understand the consequences. After all, this is what we teach our children. And who wants their children, even as adults, to get sick? And it all starts with each of us.

So think and answer:

How much alcohol do you drink a month?


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