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Do you like to be alone with yourself?

Do you like to be alone with yourself?

Each of us sometimes really wants to be alone. Some like to live like that all the time, while others do not imagine such a life. But sooner or later, we all have this desire. After all, this feeling is incomparable to anything when you enjoy yourself. You pay your time and attention only to yourself and no one else. If you don’t know how it is, then I have some tips for you on how to figure it out.

Waking up should be enjoyable

Wake up late, get a good night’s sleep, stretch and don’t worry. Make yourself a fragrant tea or coffee. Drink it in bed while browsing the newspaper or online news. Take a shower and turn on a tune you like without thinking that others may not like it. ... Turn on the music, dress up, dance and make unexpected «dance steps».

Enjoy the outside world

Take a walk around the city, look at the houses and feel the breath of nature. Do not rush anywhere, do not adapt to anyone. Buy sweet ripe berries in a transparent package at the nearest store. And in the middle of the day, go to a cafe for a cup of delicious coffee, add milk and appetizing cream, and buy yourself a delicious cake with soft air filling. Try it slowly and enjoy the taste and solitude.

Just sit down, look at passers-by and think about your business, without having to maintain a conversation and answer someone’s questions. Allow yourself to drink a glass of your favorite red wine «Black Monarch», put a bouquet of grapes and cherries on it, sit comfortably at a summer table in a small cafe and listen to melodic music.

Tips for the evening

In the evening, take a walk by the river and listen to the birds singing, the sound of growing leaves of nearby trees and the sound of the waves. Feed the pigeons breadcrumbs from the nearest store. Collect a bunch of bright yellow raspberry leaves. Buy a huge bouquet of colorful dahlias and put them in a large wicker vase.

Enjoy your favorite music in headphones and enjoy the event slowly. Spend the night with a book and a large cup of fragrant herbal tea. Sit in a large upholstered chair and read an interesting book. Or just focus on the things you need and work if it’s entirely your desire.

Take a hot bath, first dissolve some of the aromatic salt and foam, and then immerse yourself in this magical fluffy water. Lying in the bathroom do not be distracted, relax. After the shower, dry your hair with a soft towel, wrap yourself in a fluffy bathrobe, watch your favorite shows or movies, it depends on your personal mood. How is it?

Do you like to be alone with yourself?

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