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Do you trust people?

Do you trust people?

Trust is an important trait that helps build relationships, as well as a lure for abuse and fraud. If you use evil intentionally, you will learn how much to lose a person. Although, obviously, not everyone is like that.

Trust is the willingness to pass on valuables to others for use. It is based on confidence in the dignity, kindness and abilities of the other half.

Trust can be financial, business and personal (psychological)

Some people think that everyone is like that because they are like that. Others may not trust anyone because they were once disappointed in the person. There is a measure - people who can trust others only under the right circumstances.

There is a paradox, but we usually trust those we like and do not trust those who do not like us. In this case, the authenticity of a person is usually not important. Whoever wants to be deceived will be deceived.

The urgency of trust and openness.

Trust and openness are one of the important points in establishing intimacy, but if you carelessly trust everyone, it is unwise. People can be different, and not everyone around us is friendly. If someone does not have shoulders, looks around and trusts him, he does not get into trouble. In addition to the ability to trust, you also need to understand the abilities of people. see →

Trust and maturity

People of different adults have different levels of trust. For an experienced person, trust is a state in which others are not afraid. For a positive person, trust is an opportunity to give a specific task, a burden, and, with full confidence, he can easily cope with it.

A chance is possible

According to the laws of physics, at least in theory. We have a variety of opportunities.

Ability is an opportunity for us not to lose confidence. The main complaint: possibility-necessity. This is possible and necessary. The problem is opportunity. People have a negative attitude to problems, but the opposite is true of opportunities.

Who can you trust?

One person should be trusted more in the following situations:

He is a decent man.

If your trust can inspire his trust in you and establish a good relationship.

He's good to support you, but you won't help him resign. In this case, it is worth thinking about the trust of people:


  • There is a problem with the decency of this person.
  • It is better for him to ignore your interests.
  • This person does not trust anyone if you feel dishonest.

However, it is getting harder and harder here ... "Sincere and trusting" How to win people's trust? This is a fairly typical situation where people are unreasonably afraid and do not trust others.


Explore group, first grade. They look at each other - everyone is afraid of everyone. Children are not allowed to speak, are not allowed to enter, sitting alone, silent and very formal. Instead of trust, there is fear. However, there will be a class or two, and everyone will immediately start to be friends and be able to trust each other, so be happy. More details are better!


What can help a person build trust in others?


  1. Safe atmosphere
  2. Security system
  3. Existence of a safe island
  4. Cooperation
  5. Prepare to develop a policy of trust

 And I really want you to answer my question: "Do you trust people?"


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