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The series "New" (2020) whether to watch?

The series "New" (2020) whether to watch?

The series "New". In my opinion, each parent is tormented by the question of how to raise a child so that he does not become a victim of abuse. Who is to blame for the aggression of teenagers - parents, school or the police? Today I want to share with you my impressions of watching the Russian TV series "New" from the START platform.

My impressions of the series "New"

1. It is important to say that adolescent life is not as simple as it seems. Relationships with peers and classmates can have catastrophic consequences for both young people and their parents.

2. The plot. Personally, almost from the very first filming, the TV series "Novachok" reminded me of the current crime that struck its audience last year - the disappearance of a teenager in the Smolensk region. This terrible and incomprehensible story excited the audience precisely because of the willingness of all participants to remain silent and hide the details of the event.

What is the series "New"

After the divorce of his parents, the teenager and his mother were forced to leave Moscow and move to a small town. However, the relationship between the boy from the capital and his classmates is not developing, as well as a new life in the desert. At school, representatives of the local golden youth set their own rules. And when a newcomer disappears and classmates pretend that nothing is happening, the world in which our children live becomes scary ... The cast is quite large. All the characters are interesting and each attracts the viewer's attention.

Characters of the series

Puddle soil. This season, the young actor is just in full swing - first he twisted the guy in Chortoria, and then he bravely conquered the Territory. The only thing she noted for herself - Gleb Kalyuzhny is completely faceless and inconspicuous, moderately emotionally cold and modern guy. With such talents, the actor will go far. The story of the protagonist clings immediately. However, I liked the fact that all the attention is not paid to just one character.

Teachers and school psychologists are fully recognizable characters. Some are afraid of losing their place. While others are tired of fighting and giving up. While others still do not believe that this can happen to children in their school. There is no extravagance or pedagogical romance.

Classmates. The children were shown perfectly, moderately cruel, they can be intimidated. If the boys are still somehow different, the girls are the same type of character. It is interesting for teenagers to look at such classmates, prototypes of which exist in every school, or even class.

Problems of the series "New"

The series "New" has already completely captured all my attention from the first series. They showed excellent school life and the values ​​that guide the representatives of education. Child bullying is bullying, which many people prefer to turn a blind eye to for obvious reasons, and periodically incite victims to commit suicide or murder. It is scary and painful for children. How often they find themselves face to face with such serious problems.

About the quality of shooting the series "New"

The image is dim. Gloomy colors of the province and the lack of luster of golden youth do not spoil the overall impression.

Soundtrack is young and modern, rhythmically beating. The operation of the camera is close to reality. The camera is periodically shaken, which further enhances the reality of what is happening.

What can I say about the series?

I liked the new series "Newbie". Because the result was a great dramatic thriller in the style of Scandinavian series. Initially, returns were used, which is very exciting. The past and the present are clearly mixed, I think.

While the focus is on teenagers, enough adults with their secrets and problems. Interesting, not naive, but not very cruel, in short, what you need.

I recommend the series "New" to all fans of dramatic thrillers. Especially teenagers and their parents.

What do you think about this show? To watch or not?


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