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The series First Swallows. Whether to watch?

The series "First Swallows". Whether to watch?

I have reviewed a lot of things, but I can say with confidence that the series "First Swallows" is the best that I have seen in recent years. Once everyone was shocked by the series "School". So "School" is like that, a kindergarten compared to what is happening in modern educational institutions. “School” is the reality of the 86-90s generation. Maybe 2000. "First Swallows" - this is today's reality and it is terrible.

What is the series about?

It would seem that nothing foreshadowed trouble, but for 11-graders of an ordinary city school, this day was a tragedy: one of the students was found dead. Investigator Olga Makarova is trying to find out whether the teenager committed suicide or was deliberately pushed off the roof of a high-rise building. She begins an investigation that will reveal many secrets of the students and their parents.

Contents of the series

Number of episodes: 8;

Duration: 60-80 minutes;

Genre: detective, thriller, drama

What will the “First Swallows” series tell and show us?

First Swallows is a project that will show the absolute truth about teachers, teenagers and their parents. The main characters are well thought out. They are completely different, they are not alike, but they have one point of contact.

It is surprising that the hero, at first glance negative, makes only positive impressions. In my opinion, he is the most adequate and correct of all the heroes, although not everyone considered him so.

The show initially makes a very dark impression. But as events unfold, when the heroes of the main characters are revealed, their actions become clear, all the darkness disappears.

Topics of the series "First Swallows"

The series covers various topics: bullying, LGBT people, relationships with parents, infidelity, illness.

Getting into several pain points at once is not only LGBT, it is homosexuality in a homophobic family. Dissatisfaction with parental ambitions that they pass on to the child does not seem to be a very important problem. But let's see where it leads.

The quality of the series

The series is very high quality. From photographs and music to interiors and dialogues.

I think he came out not only from a hot new topic, but also from a commercial point of view. It was renewed for a second season, which was released in the fall of 2020. I rarely say that, but this is a show that needs to be watched.

Such topics should be open to the general public.

Not only do I recommend the show, but I scream and encourage parents to watch it. Even if your child is only two years old.

What do you think about this show? To watch or not?

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